Microgaming's Tarzan Online Slot Reviewed

Tarzan Online Slot Game by Microgaming

NetEnt's Red Riding Hood and folksy fairytales are facing an epic challenger with Microgaming's latest online slot game: get ready to thump your chest with the giant apes as Tarzan himself is swinging to your casino screens in all his feral glory. One question remains: how does he manage those backflips in his loincloth?

A quick look at the base game

Tarzan rolls in with 5 reels and 40 paylines, so you're looking at playing at 0.40 credits a spin (depending on your currency) when the minimum bet is selected. The game symbols feature Tarzan, Jane and Professor Archimedes on the reels in addition to a leopard, a bird and a chimp plus a good number of fruit symbols.

What does the blessing of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. mean for the average casino players? Well, no full-blown musical numbers and dreadlocks; Microgaming has used their creative license to re-visualise Tarzan of the Apes in a way that is appealing and entertaining to grown-up fans of the character in a casino environment.

Special symbols in the game

  • The Tarzan, Jane and Archimedes Symbols can fill out from 1 to 2 positions on the reel, contributing to more awesome wins!
  • If you score 3 or more Bonus Wheel Symbols on your reels, you'll get a backflip, an airpunch and - of course - the Bonus Wheel Feature itself; more about that later.

Special features on Tarzan Online Slot

Preview of Tarzan Online Slot

If you've played Microgaming slot games before, you've probably also seen a bonus wheel before (Microgaming's Mega Moolah is pretty famous for its progressive wins). In Tarzan online slot Microgaming rolls out a slightly different wheel:

  • You can hit a Jackpot Scatter with an insane multiplier for your last bet, or score smaller multipliers for cash prizes
  • If you triggered the feature with 3 Scatters, the maximum jackpot is 200X your total bet, for 4 Scatters the same is increased to 400X the total bet and the real dream come true for all casino players is the 100X total bet with 5 Scatters! With more Scatters your smaller multipliers also increase in the bonus game
  • Free Spins with Roll Reels and Growing Reels [sic, they're a MGS staple] for replay wins with one spin - Free Spins can only be triggered by hitting the Free Spins sector in the bonus reel.
  • To those modern-day players who used to play Hungry Hungry Hippo as a kid, there's also the Pick-a-Potamus Feature: just look for the Bonus Sector on the reel as it spins...

Keep an eye out on awesome Free Spins deals on Tarzan with online casinos, as with a game of this caliber there's bound to be plenty of such bonus deals!

Pick-a-Potamus bonus game

You guessed it, it's a pick X of Y bonus feature for cash prizes, but... it's also fun! You start with 2 picks, collecting cash prizes as you open the maws of happily obliging hippos – no need for superhuman strength or other feats. Overall you can work your way up to 12 hippos, so way past Henry, Homer, Harry and Happy... until you eventually hit the one that sends you packing from the pond and ends the feature.

Adventure awaits

As an MGS game character Tarzan is definitely more active than the selfie-snapping Jungle Jim, but also perhaps not quite as involved in the gameplay as the doe-eyed Dragonz from the earlier Microgaming game release – it's all in the right direction though, and from their earlier announcement it sounds like Microgaming has, in the long run, the option to develop further Tarzan-themed slot games.

You'll be seeing the game land at online casinos that offer Microgaming slot games in December 2016, and as the game will be launched to be playable instantly on browser, mobile and operator-specific downloadable casino software all at the same time, you can play the new slot while swinging from chandeliers, tree branches or wherever it is that your fancy takes you as you play.

Our suggestion

Start preparing your lungs (and your neighbours) for that big Tarzan yell that's bound to happen when the big win drops!

Did you know about the many adventures of Tarzan?

  • The author of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, had only ever read one book about Africa before penning the first Tarzan novel.
  • If wrestling gorillas, lions and even dinosaurs wasn't impressive enough, Tarzan can also learn languages in a matter of days – he learned fluent English from a book left behind by his late parents, and eventually his repertoire has included at least Arabic as well as the language of the great apes, ancient Greek and Latin, several Bantu dialects, Dutch, English, French, Finnish, German, Mayan and the languages spoken by the Ant Men and the people of the hollow Earth, Pellucidar.
  • Tarzan was inspired by some really bad writing in pulp fiction magazines of the early 1900s; Edgar Rice Burroughs has been quoted by Rudyard Kipling (the creator of Jungle Book) saying that his ambition was finding out 'how bad a book he could write' and at the same time get away with it.
  • The character of Tarzan has been in over 100 movies, portrayed by over 20 actors (some of the more famous castings have included - of course - Johnny Weissmuller, Christopher Lambert, Travis Fimmel of Vikings fame and lastly Alexander Skarsgård).
  • The stories of Tarzan living amongst great apes inspired young Jane Goodall to fulfil her childhood dream of living amongst chimpanzees in order to study them.
  • Burroughs's ranch in northern Los Angeles, California, was named Tarzana and also became the name of the community surrounding the ranch.
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs was advised to not over-market the character of Tarzan lest the public would tire of Tarzan. With big licensing deals in his pockets already in 1923, he ended up laughing all the way to the bank.
  • Another famous character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs is John Carter, the Mars adventurer. Maybe one of these years we'll see a John Carter slot from Microgaming as well?


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